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Mr. Bones Milkshakes

Mr. Bones is a fictional brand of milkshakes. It is an experiment on how to apply illustration to packaging design and branding. The main elements, the character, the brand, the flavours, the texts… are hand-drawn. Mr. Bones, both brand and character, represents the playfulness of […]

Oxfam Intermon Chocolates

OXFAM Intermon is the Spanish division of OXFAM, a NGO that works for human development, human rights and fair trade. They comercialise several alimentary goods such as coffee and chocolate bars, coming from fair trade producers from all over the world, but specially from Africa. The […]

EPITYPEPHIO / Experimental Packaging

E P I T Y P E P H I O is a tribute to a deceased typographer who still lives in their works. This is my homage to John Baskerville, printer, publisher and  typographer. The selected letter was the lowercase “g”, and it represents the […]