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Mr. Bones Milkshakes

Mr. Bones is a fictional brand of milkshakes. It is an experiment on how to apply illustration to packaging design and branding. The main elements, the character, the brand, the flavours, the texts… are hand-drawn. Mr. Bones, both brand and character, represents the playfulness of […]


OKKA is Arzum’s new turkish coffee maker, an exclusive and modern product that entwines tradition and innovation, inviting you to enjoy the experience of the authentic turkish coffee.

Cottet Rebranding

Rebranding proposal for: Cottet Ópticas Cottet is a well-established optics brand from Spain. It is a family business founded more than a century ago, and since then they have expanded from their main headquarters in Barcelona to more than 40 venues around the country. They […]


ShowUsYourType Madrid Exhibition

Poster design featured in the ShowUsYourType exhibition for Madrid. ShowUsYourType is a project about type and cities. It is a creative platform for designers to share their talents and explore cities from a different perspective. In this ocasion, the chosen city was Madrid, the capital of […]

Drew Kaplan Photography Logo

Drew Kaplan is a photographer based in Berlin. He asked B2302 / Simon Becker to create his new logo identity while I was working there this summer. The request was to develop a bold, badge-style brand, and this was our solution.

TEDx Oviedo University

TEDxOviedoUniversity is an independent TED event run by a team of students and former students of Universidad de Oviedo. This initiative was born in 2014, and this year was the second eddition, under the concept of “Crossing the line”. The TED philosophy promotes the “ideas […]

Actif Logo Design

ACTIF is a physical rehabilitation distributor based in Gijón, Spain. It focuses in provide the best products to anyone who wants to live an active life regardless of having physical disabilities or sport injuries. The main idea for the logo was the concept of movement. […]


Maverick Logo Design

MAVERICK is a used Car Dealership located in Boise, Idaho. It is a modern and easy-going company that aims its attention to client, making friends before customers. MAVERICK focuses its efforts in conecting with the young, being itself young and active. Because of this, I’ve […]