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Mr. Bones Milkshakes

Mr. Bones is a fictional brand of milkshakes. It is an experiment on how to apply illustration to packaging design and branding. The main elements, the character, the brand, the flavours, the texts… are hand-drawn. Mr. Bones, both brand and character, represents the playfulness of […]

Oxfam Intermon Chocolates

OXFAM Intermon is the Spanish division of OXFAM, a NGO that works for human development, human rights and fair trade. They comercialise several alimentary goods such as coffee and chocolate bars, coming from fair trade producers from all over the world, but specially from Africa. The […]

EPITYPEPHIO / Experimental Packaging

E P I T Y P E P H I O is a tribute to a deceased typographer who still lives in their works. This is my homage to John Baskerville, printer, publisher and  typographer. The selected letter was the lowercase “g”, and it represents the […]


OKKA is Arzum’s new turkish coffee maker, an exclusive and modern product that entwines tradition and innovation, inviting you to enjoy the experience of the authentic turkish coffee.

Cottet Rebranding

Rebranding proposal for: Cottet Ópticas Cottet is a well-established optics brand from Spain. It is a family business founded more than a century ago, and since then they have expanded from their main headquarters in Barcelona to more than 40 venues around the country. They […]


ShowUsYourType Madrid Exhibition

Poster design featured in the ShowUsYourType exhibition for Madrid. ShowUsYourType is a project about type and cities. It is a creative platform for designers to share their talents and explore cities from a different perspective. In this ocasion, the chosen city was Madrid, the capital of […]

Drew Kaplan Photography Logo

Drew Kaplan is a photographer based in Berlin. He asked B2302 / Simon Becker to create his new logo identity while I was working there this summer. The request was to develop a bold, badge-style brand, and this was our solution.


Grimsby Blend Typefamily

Grimsby Blend is a font family created by Jaime Guisasola, inspired by the British rock band THE BREW. It consists of three weights: thin, regular and bold, and features standard ligatures, extended glyph set and accent coverage for the western Latin encoding. It is suitable […]

Glyphers font

Glyphers is a brand new font inspired in kids. It is playful, bold, childish and fun. It is meant to be used as a display font, mainly for highlighting in children oriented products. Each glyph is a character, and they work well as individual graphic […]

Born To Run 40th Anniversary

On 25th of August of 1975, was released the album Born to Run. 40 years later, this is still one of the greatests albums ever composed, by Bruce Springsteen and The E-Street Band.  This is my wholehearted homage to The Boss and his band. It has been a […]


Top X Sailors

Top 10 Sailors is an illustration-based personal project. The main aim was to create a serie of portraits of some of the most representative sailors in the popular culture. The influences are mainly adventure and sailing novels, as: Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, R.L. Stevenson’s Treasure Island, H.P. […]

Octorocker Sound System

Octorocker Sound System is a Dj reunion that occurs periodically at Berlin. I was asked to design the flyer for the event and this is how they look like.